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About Us

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The WelWyn Preschool is ...

Best play school for children in Dehradun. At The WelWyn we offer a warm and welcoming environment, providing a home from home for all of the children in our care. Our on-going support starts from the smooth transition from home to school.

Children are powerful, capable and full of potential and our image of the child will define our language, actions and choices for and with the children. Our image of the child is our reason for being.

Our environment will offer a rich context to invite research and will be approached with intent and inspiration. We will create an environment around children that is beautiful, inspiring and that piques their curiosity in every encounter. 

Our role as Educators is to inspire, support, nurture and guide. We as mentors believe in allowing them to construct their own knowledge and find real value in the journey to seek answers to their questions.

We commit to ensuring the children have access to a wide range and number of open ended, natural and recycled materials to support children in developing their skills and expanding their knowledge by pursuing ideas, testing theories, problem solving and researching.

Art, creativity and expression lie at the heart of the early years educational experience, and we will offer children unlimited lenses through which to express their unique voice and perspective in the world.

Education is not a process of pre-packaged knowledge digestion, it is an active process and we will offer children interactions with real-life experiences that are tangible, meaningful and interactive.

We will conduct ourselves in a way that brings our beliefs to life. We will be open, warm and welcoming. Every child, parent, caregiver, educator, staff or visitor in our community will be respected and recognised as having value to contribute to the world.

Annual Day - 19.3.23

The Welwyn is organizing Annual Day Function and invites all parents and students to The Welwyn and experience the wellness we bring to the toddlers. This also gives a chance to meet the entire team and out Directors.  

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